I motivate people's minds in order to change lives. I will support you to let go of fears, habits and limiting beliefs that are holding you back from accomplishing your goals. I will also help you establish new habits and beliefs that will enable you to lead a more fulfilled and content life.


Traditional therapy has led us to believe that change takes a lot of time and a lot of emotional digging into your past but this is not the case. With the practices and methods I use, anyone can change and do what they thought was impossible.  We just sometimes need a helping hand to do it!



I can help you with more or less anything that is stopping you from living the life that you want to live.


Many of us spend far too many years of our lives not living to our full potential due to the impact life experiences have had on us.  However I am here to teach you that it is possible to change our thought patterns around these negative experiences to allow us to experience a more fulfilled and content life.

I can help achieve the following personal goals: 

  • I want to stop ______ (smoking/overeating/biting my nails/being afraid of...)

  • I want to be less ______ (angry/sad/anxious/worried/guilty)

  • I want to be more ______ (assertive/confident/motivated/driven)

  • I want to start ______(sleeping/exercising/relaxing/performing better)

I can also help you come to terms with life-changing events, or address the things that you can’t quite put your finger on. Those niggles that you can identify with phrases such as:

  • Why do I think that when I know it’s stupid?

  • Why do I keep thinking about that thing that happened?

  • Why am I not going for that job/promotion/relationship?

  • Why am I still in that job/relationship/situation when I know it’s not good for me?

  • Why do I feel stuck?