NLP looks at the connection between our thoughts, emotions and our actions. This includes how we perceive the world, how we handle and store information, how we plan and make decisions, how we relate to others, and produce the behaviours we do both good and bad.

Think of your mind like a computer with files full of memories about our experiences in life. When we encounter similar situations or experiences we recall past memories from these files to determine how we might respond to it and we predict possible outcomes based on these memories.

Great examples of this are; how do you know you’re scared of spiders? How do you know what music you like? How do you know how you take your coffee? When something happens how you do know whether you should laugh, cry, celebrate or run away!

All of these decisions are based on our memories and come from the unconscious mind responding in a way it thinks you want to.


I use a wide range of methods and models working with the conscious and unconscious mind to establish how your thoughts, behaviours, values and beliefs keep you within your current situation and then use tools and techniques to basically get rid of all the old emotional baggage - the unwanted files in your computer memory - that are holding you back.


Neuro Linguistic Programming FAQs:


Is it safe?

100% yes. Safety and ethical practice is a top priority for me.


Am I in control?

Yes you are. All change comes from inside ourselves, so you have all the power. I am just assisting and guiding you to make the change that you want.


What can I expect?

We start by discussing and exploring what change you want and what you currently do that stops you from making the change. From the discussions, I’ll be able to identify your style of thinking, your beliefs, the resources you have within yourself to change and together we will find more beneficial ways for you to think. We then have fun using tools and techniques that are fun, interactive, insightful and effective to create the changes you want.


Is it for me?

NLP is a new concept and it can sound strange to people and it is normal to be curious about new things but it does work and can make dramatic positive changes to people’s lives. The best results happen when people have an open and curious mind and are excited at the prospect of what learnings and insights it will bring. There are many different tools and techniques and therefore there will be one to suit you. You should expect to be taken out your comfort zone ever so slightly, and with your permission, to get the change you desire. You do need to have 100% commitment to the change, total honesty with yourself and me and an open mind to learn more about yourself!